City's Second Cluster University 'HSNC' To Commence Its Admissions From June 2020

Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate (HSNC) recently celebrated its 70th anniversary and revealed the formation of the Cluster University which will be headed by Hassaram Rijhumal (HR) College of Commerce and Economics in Churchgate.


After Dr. Homi Bhabha State University (HBSU) became the first cluster University in the city, Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate (HSNC) University is all set to commence its admissions from June 2020. HSNC is a non-profit organisation founded in 1922 in the British India province of Sind and later moved to Mumbai after the 1947 Partition.

It is one of the oldest educational trusts of India and currently administers 27 institutes including HR College, KC College in Churchgate and  R.D. National College and MMK College in Bandra. 

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HSNC University will enroll the first batch of its students from June 2020 with Hassaram Rijhumal (HR) college of Commerce and Economics taking the leadership of it for the next three years.

The university will be headquartered at D.M. Harish building in Worli. Managing Director and Co-Founder of Hiranandani Group and provost of HSNC, Niranjan Hiranandani stated that HSNC University will focus on skill development and offer 20 per cent of its curriculum online.

They will be the first in the country to offer skill-based courses at the university level. These skill-based courses will groom students to become masters in their respective fields. 

Notably, HSNC recently celebrated its 70th Anniversary and revealed the formation of the Cluster University. Existing students will continue to be a part of Mumbai University. However, students admitted in the upcoming academic year will come directly under the new cluster university. Students will have the liberty to choose credit-based courses that are not necessarily part of their stream. 

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