Mumbai University plans to conduct online exams

This process is expected to reduce the time spent in collecting, scanning and uploading physical answer sheets for Mumbai University officials


In bid to speed up and simplify the examination process and make the entire procedure hassle free for students as well as teachers, Mumbai University (MU) is planning to conduct paperless examinations. The idea is to provide students with questions on tablets and they can solve them using a stylus at examination centres.

The university authorities have claimed that this will eliminate the tedious and time-consuming process of scanning answer sheets and uploading them on to the online assessment system.

We waste a lot of time scanning answer sheets as there are over two lakh students in Mumbai itself. We have to scan each and every answer sheet and then upload them on to the system for paper correction. This process takes a lot of time and manpower,” a senior MU official told Free Press Journal.

The authorities have also stated that they will create a unique login id and password for each students which will be given to them before the exam. Through this unique id authorities will directly receive the answers in the system under each student's unique identification.

This process is expected to reduce the time spent in collecting, scanning and uploading physical answer sheets.

While the authorities expect this process will reduce the issues faced during exams, students seem to have mixed opinion. One of the students said that the online exams will help streamline the process and possibility of answer papers getting lost will be ruled out.

Another student felt that technical glitches can actually add to the troubles. He further added that it would be challenging for students if the system does not work as exoected or if the online process shuts down.

Meanwhile, the university administration will initially begin the test run of the paperless exams at department level. If the process works perfectly, then the online procedure will be introduced for semester examinations.

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