Engineering students frustrated as there's no complaint section on respective college websites

In February 2017, the All India Council of Technical Education had asked all the engineering colleges to introduce a section for complaints on their website but despite this, there has been no compliance of the order


As the country thrives towards a digital revolution, educational institutions too, have taken a step towards digitalisation. More importantly, they have transferred their mechanism and working towards online means, which has increased efficiency of the process and drastically reduced paperwork. As a part of two-way communication, the websites consist of feedback and complaints section, which allows the students to register their woes and share their views.

However, recently it was learned that the majority of engineering colleges in Mumbai have not formed a section for complaints which has led to the misery for the students. As the students are unable to register complaints online, they are forced to personally approach respective departments to solve their woes.

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In February 2017, All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) had directed all the engineering colleges to form a section for complaints on their respective websites. However, to date, there have been no efforts in that direction even after two and half years of the order by AICTE.

Although the colleges have already introduced an offline process for filing a complaint and also have displayed the same on their website, it will be noteworthy when the engineering colleges will introduce the online procedure for the same. A committee for the same has also been formed but the students are hesitant towards approaching them as the college committee is said to levy an extra charge for solving the problem.

Due to the absence of a proper system for resolving issues online, on the engineering college’s website, students have faced unnecessary snags. In response, a circular will be issued soon and will be sent to all the engineering colleges,” said Abhay Wagh, Directorate of Technical Education.

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