Schedule for FYJC special list declared

The special list will be a deciding factor for the 32,001 FYJC applicants whose names haven’t still appeared on any of the merit lists so far.

Schedule for FYJC special list declared

The fourth merit list of FYJC admissions has been declared and the students enlisted on the merit list are on the trot to secure their admissions in the colleges. However, where 49,062 students have secured their admissions after fourth merit list, 32,001 students are still waiting for their names to appear on the list.

Thus, the government had earlier mentioned about the declaration of a special list for these students and had also assured them about the quick declaration of the schedule of the special list. 

On Thursday, the schedule for securing admission in the special list of FYJC was declared. According to the schedule, the list will be declared on August 18 and after which, the students will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, the students whose names appeared on the fourth merit list have been given an extension till August 10, to secure their admissions.


  • August 9 - Students enrolled in fourth merit list secure admission in college
  • August 9 to 11 - Colleges observe vacancy for FYJC admissions
  • August 13 - Announcement of vacancies for the first special round
  • August 13 to 14 - Students fill out the form for the special list
  • August 18 - Announcement of the first special list
  • August 18 to 21- Students enlisted on the special list secure admission

According to the circular announced by the Education Department, students who have not been enrolled in the previous merit lists will be able to make changes in their application. Also, students who have not secured admissions in any college despite being enlisted on any merit list can also apply in the special list.

However, students who did secure admission even after getting enlisted on the merit list of their first preference college or who cancelled their admission after securing the admission in a college, will not be able to apply for the special list. Students will be provided admission on the “first come, first serve” basis. Students can check the schedule on  

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