HSC exams begin tomorrow in Maharashtra

Candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination centre once the exam begins


HSC exams will begin on Thursday across the state where 14,85,132 students will be appearing for the exams. In total, there are 2, 822 examination centres and 9,486 colleges have been registered in the state.

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has reminded candidates that they will not be allowed to enter an exam centre once the examination begins.

Students appearing for HSC exams

  • Science stream- 5,80,820
  • Arts stream- 4,79,866
  • Commerce stream- 3,66,756
  • Professional courses- 57,693
  • Boys- 8,34,134
  • Girls- 6,50,898

In order to avoid question paper leak via WhatsApp, supervisors have decided that they will release the question paper after getting signatures of 2,000 students. The students have been told to reach classrooms around 10:30 am as the question papers will be opened in the classroom by taking special precautions. And for the first time, there will be a barcode on all the answer sheets which will discourage students from exchanging their sheets.

Taking extra care, this year, the state board has also increased the number of flying squads which will monitor exam centres across the state and Mumbai division will alone have six different flying squads.

In 2017, a series of paper leaks rocked the HSC examinations after which the state board upgraded its examination system to avoid a repetition of the problem. Last year, five HSC question papers got leaked on WhatsApp 30 minutes prior to the exam.

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