Mumbai school students to play the role of Global Leaders in Model United Nations program

More than 200 students from various schools in India have been selected to participate in the MUN programs to be held in the US.


More than 200 students from various schools in Mumbai, Delhi Bengaluru, and other cities have been selected to be a part of MUN programs being held in the USA. As part of Worldview Education’s Future Leader’s programme, the students will be debating on pressing global issues and step into the roles of international decision makers.

These programs began from January 17, 2019, and will continue until February 2, 2019

Speaking on the same, Mr. Sampreeth Reddy Samala, Founder and CEO at Worldview Education said, “With the aim of building a generation of solvers and leaders, we are not only equipping Gen-Z with the critical skills and knowledge about pressing issues around the globe but also helping them understand the progressive application of their learning to resolve these issues. By providing access through platforms such as the YMUN, HMUN, and WFUNA International MUN, the students will have the opportunity to share their unique perspective and impactful ideas with their peers from around the world and we hope that these experiences inspire the students to take action within their own homes, schools and communities; from Acting in MUN committees to Impacting on ground- #Act2Impact as we like to call it.”

The first program will be held at the reputed Yale Model United Nations (YMUN) conference in Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. More than 2,000 high school students will be present in the conference to discuss grave global issues as delegates will research historical conflicts and wars, investigate humanitarian crises and responses and work toward consensus on various solutions for sustainable development in the same classrooms that have inspired presidents, prime ministers, and policymakers from around the world.

The second program is to be held at the prestigious Harvard Model United Nations conference hosted and managed by students of the Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. More than 3,300 high school delegates and their faculty advisors will gather from over 50 countries for the conference including Indian delegates and students from JBCN International School (Mumbai), St. Gregorios High School (Mumbai), and other schools from different parts of the country.

The final leg of the program will include an International Model United Nations conference delivered by the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA). To be held in New York, the conference will promote the values and framework of the United Nations.