Mumbai University will continue business with 'Merit Trac' after results blunder


Mumbai University had a year to forget as constant delay of results left students and parents furious and the University embarrassed. Online assessment was a bit too much for the university to handle.

Andheri based ‘Merit Trac Private Limited’ was handling online assessment for the university and the blunder was on them but wait, Mumbai University has once again handed out the contact to the same company!

Merit Trac Private Limited had the responsibility to declare 477 results this year. Results which were supposed to be declared within 45 days took 4 months to actually come out.

After results were finally declared, they had a number of errors and students were left confused once again. So why has the university handed the contract to the same company again?

The company faced multiple technical glitches and the scanning process took way too much time which led to students facing problems with respect to their future.

Around 2000 answer sheets disappeared after scanning but according to the contract, Merit Trac will be assessing the answer sheets yet again.