Stubbornness of Kotwal School comes to fore

    Kannamwar Nagar
    Stubbornness of Kotwal School comes to fore
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    Vikhroli - The stubbornness of Manohar Kotwal High School administration, that had forced the school children who did not pay their fees to sit on the ground, has once again came to fore. Now, the school literally jailed the fees-defaulter kids in a school room when others were enjoying the annual sports day on Wednesday. This action of school administration irked the parents of those students who later reached the police station to lodge a complaint against school administration. Police, instead of solving the problem between school administration and parents, tried to suppress the matter. Mumbai Live had exposed the school management earlier and yet they kept those students closed in a room. When Mumbai Live contacted principal education secretary, Nand Kumar, administration of the concerned department immediately took steps and sent education inspector in the school. Meanwhile, the students were released from the school captivity till then. Mumbai Live also tried to contact education minister Vinod Tawde but could not reach him due to his busy electioneering schedule. In the meantime, the police tried to broker a truce between school administration and parents and suggested the concerned parties to convene a meeting in this regard. Fed up of school administration’s stubbornness, the parents of these children have now vowed to oppose any move against future of their wards.

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