Should English be relaxed in the school curriculum?

English will no longer be compulsory in 11th and 12th

Should English be relaxed in the school curriculum?

At present, English education is compulsory from 1st to 12th standard. However, it is believed that as per the new syllabus of the state, English will no longer be compulsory in 11th and 12th. There is ambiguity about the English language up to class 10th.

The syllabus of the state has been announced in accordance with the National Education Policy and suggestions and objections can be filed on it from Thursday (23rd May) to 3rd June. Mother tongue and Indian languages seem to have been given special importance in the plan. Along with this, it has also been suggested that foreign language education options should be made available to the students. 

Education in mother tongue or local language has been made compulsory from 3rd to 12th standard. Education of one more language is compulsory for the third to fifth classes along with the first language i.e. mother tongue. At present, education in English and mother tongue is compulsory from primary. But in the proposed framework, there is no requirement that the second language should be English. It is specified that the second language should be any other than the first language. Currently the structure is mother tongue, English and third language optional. However, the proposed scheme lists the first language as mother tongue, the second any Indian language and the third any foreign language.

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Since English is taught in foreign languages, students are allowed to learn English, but it is not compulsory. As per the provisions of the scheme, it appears that English can be selected as an alternative language. But there is no clear mention whether English will be compulsory or not. Learning two languages is compulsory in class XI and XII. One of the languages should be Indian and the other can be Indian or foreign language. The current requirement of English in class XI, XII has been removed. It has been mentioned in the scheme that English language will not be compulsory.

What are the options?

Indian Languages: Marathi, Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Sindhi, Bengali, Punjabi, Pali, Ardha Magadhi, Prakrit, Avesta Pahlavi

Foreign languages: English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Arabic

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