Five schools in Mumbai and Thane managed by Goenka and Associate Educational Trust will now a have a period every week called classroom counselling. During this period, professionally qualified psychologists go to a class and discuss age-appropriate mental health topics with students.

These topics will range from eating healthy for a healthy mind to suicide, sexuality and relationships.

A recent statistics revealed that in India one in five people suffer from Depression or related mental health diseases. Most people are sceptical to seek help in this matter as it is considered a social taboo. In addition to this, it has also been revealed that people feel awkward approaching a counsellor for things that might be bothering them. To address these issues and to enable the students to cope with mental health in a positive manner these schools have taken this initiative. 

Meera Kothari, who is a counselling director at the schools, while talking about this initiative said, "We now have a lot more students speaking to our counsellors about their troubles in personal life as well. It helps identify a problem and helps the child at the right time".

In addition to having this period the school also has a counselling centre and have dedicated personnel for each section.

We think this is the step in the right direction and every school should adopt this. What are your thoughts about this initiative do let us know. Write to us at or tweet at @MumbaiLiveNews.

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