Vidyarthi Utkarsha Mandal promotes Modi script

Vidyarthi Utkarsha Mandal promotes Modi script

Chinchpokli – In order to promote and create awareness regarding Modi script, Vidyarthi Utkarsha Mandal had organized a workshop on the same. This workshop was organised by Modi script expert and organizer Mohan Joshi at Mogul House. This workshop was solely conducted for youngsters to make them understand about Modi script.

Modi is a script used to write the Marathi language, which is the primary language spoken in the state of Maharashtra, India. There are at least two different theories concerning its origin. Modi was an official script used to write Marathi until the 20th century when the Balbodh style of the Devanagari script was promoted as the standard writing system for Marathi. Although Modi was primarily used to write Marathi, other languages such as Urdu, Kannada, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Hindi and Tamil are also known to have been written in Modi.