Mumbai University library unable to provide basic facilities despite using ₹3 crore on maintenance

Besides lacking facilities at Rajabai Tower library at Mumbai University’s Fort campus, there are several cables and live wires popping out of the benches which are an open invitation to unfateful incidents.


The library situated at Rajabai Tower of the Mumbai University’s Fort campus is currently in a deteriorating condition. The condition is so adverse that the library lacks basic facilities necessary for a students’ library which has resulted in a lot of inconvenience. However, the matter of concern here is that despite the absence of basic facilities, the library claims to have made an expenditure of ₹3.87 Crore

M.Phil student and Law teacher Shomit Kumar Salunkhe used the Right To Information Act, 2005 to know about the upkeep of Rajabai Tower and its library and had filed an RTI on July 13 about the details regarding the upkeep of Rajabai Tower, annual cost of the library, workers’salary, books purchased etc. throughout September 2013 to May 2015. 

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As per the information received from the RTI, it was learned that from August 3, 2013, to August 2, 2014, the University used ₹3,87,54,422 on the maintenance and upkeep of the library. Accordingly, Shomit had asked the authorities to provide him with the information of the June 2017 to June 2018 data, but they denied it stating that the details weren’t available and gave a rough estimate, according to which, a book in the library costed ₹61,039! 

Similarly, they failed to provide information about the workers’ salary, maintenance expenses, etc. and turned the RTI down.

Besides, the library at Rajabai Tower does not have an active Internet connection due to which there are no CCTV cameras for surveillance. Alongside, there are several cables and live wires popping out of the benches which are an open invitation to unfateful incidents.

Mumbai University is bestowed upon with a historic legacy. However, the current condition of the heritage is in shambles and the students have occasionally tried approaching the concerned authorities but the administration paid no attention. Thus, I had to file an RTI which showed how even after a ₹3 crore repair, the students have to study with incomplete facilities,” Shomit Salunkhe, M.Phil student.

Mumbai Live tried contacting the authorities but there has been no clarification from them regarding the matter.