Actor Naseeruddin Shah criticises PM Modi, Election Commission

The manner in which propaganda is being conveyed to people through art is alarming, says Shah

Actor Naseeruddin Shah criticises PM Modi, Election Commission

Actor Naseeruddin Shah is one of the legendary actors of Bollywood. He is also known for his outspokenness along with his powerful acting. Recently, he pointed out that the BJP was defeated despite religious hatred and Modi's campaign in Karnataka. “The manner in which propaganda is being conveyed to people through art is alarming. Hatred against Muslims is being cleverly used and it has become a fashion”, said Naseeruddin Shah.

Is it alarming that some movies and shows are being used as tools for spreading misinformation and propaganda? When asked about this, Shah told 'Indian Express' that the reflection of what is happening in reality is seen on the screen.  Islamophobia is being used only to gain votes in elections. “Current times are really worrying. Muslim hatred has become fashionable even among educated people these days. This is being used very cleverly by the ruling party. We talk about secularism and democracy, so why are you bringing religion into everything?,” questioned Shah.

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“The Election Commission has become a silent audience for politicians who use religion to get votes. If a Muslim leader had asked for votes by saying Allahu Akbar, how big a ruckus would have been? But, hopefully, this card of religion that divides people will go away one day. Because Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tried to use it to his advantage, but it didn't work," said Naseeruddin Shah.

“Our Election Commission is so timid that it dare not utter a single word in such a situation. If a Muslim leader had said, 'Say Allahu Akbar and press the button while voting', what a huge uproar there would have been. But here our prime minister goes in front of people and says such things and still loses. So, I hope that the influence of religion in politics will stop. But even now there is a lot of Muslim hatred going on. This is a card played smartly by this government, so let's see how long it lasts," said Naseeruddin Shah.

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