All-male troupe performs contemporary dance

    Mumbai  -  

    Nariman Point - Contemporary and modern dance is an intricate dance form. Sumeet Nagdev Dance art and 2 Face dance company from the UK collaborated to bring special dance acts to Mumbai at NCPA.

    An all-male dance troupe presented 3 performances with themes like Investigating social consciousness
    Fear and human responses
    Fallen angels
    These performances enthralled the crowds with their surprising themes and moves. These dance performances brought out the fusion and surprising elements of contemporary dance forms which are gaining popularity.
    Each of these performances takes about 5-6 weeks of preparations and tremendous effort from dancers to maintain their fitness.
    Though funding for such art forms is still in its nascent stage but the members of the 2 face dance company were hopeful that over the next few years such modern dance forms will be appreciated and more and more people will be attracted towards it.
    SNDA and 2Face will conduct workshops over the week for all the dance lovers. Hope youngsters pick up this extraordinary dance

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