Dhanush begins the Mumbai filming of 'The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir'

Dhanush begins the Mumbai filming of 'The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir'

A truly International collaboration, The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir, directed by Ken Scott and starring Indian actor Dhanush, rolled in Mumbai recently, and is produced by many production houses. The film is based on “The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir who got trapped in an IKEA wardrobe." The screen play of the film is by Puertolas and Luc Bossi (Brio films) and has a conglomeration of production houses from 3 different continents. The shooting has commenced earlier this month and is expected to be shot in Mumbai (India), Brussels (Belgium), Rome (Italy) and Paris (France).

Producer Luc Bossi of Brio Films says, “The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir” is also an out of the ordinary production adventure, creating through its producers, locations and talent a unique bridge between India, Europe and Hollywood. It's cast reunites actors from more than 15 countries and an International Indo-French-Belgian-Italian crew with a common passion and goal: Tell a universal story full of laughs and emotions.”

Speaking about the film, actor Dhanush says, “So happy to be a part of this film with collaborators from 3 continents, looking forward to an extraordinary journey ahead”.

Starring the inimitable Dhanush in the titular role of the FAKIR, the film, as the name suggests, marks an extraordinary journey in the life of Aja aka Ajatshatru (Dhanush). After the death of his mother – the Fakir takes on a journey to track down his father – a man he never knew. The quest takes him to Paris and soon, he realizes his destination is all set to change his journey. From falling in love to brushing shoulders with a Hollywood star, to dodging hit-men and being held as a hostage in a bureaucratic war the Fakir’s life goes hilariously awry the moment he steps into Parisian soil, despite his best intentions.

The film also stars French actor Bérénice Bejo (known for the Oscar Winner “The Artist”), American actor Erin Moriarty (last seen in “Blood Father” with Mel Gibson) and Somalian American actor Barkhad Abdi (“Captain Phillips”) amongst others. The music for the film is given by Nicolas Errera, while Amit Trivedi has also composed two hindi songs in the film.