I don't take up TV projects because of the timeline of the shows: Karan Wahi

In an exclusive interaction with Mumbai Live, Karan Wahi spoke about the digital space, web series 'Bar Code', his journey in the industry, fictional space and much more...


The handsome hunk of the television industry — Karan Wahi — who amazed us by essaying a grey shade character in Netflix original 'Sacred Games', has yet again impressed us by portraying a negative character in Hungama's 'Bar Code'. Popularly known as the chocolate boy of the TV industry for his stint in shows like 'Remix' and 'Dill Mill Gayye', the actor is now changing his charisma by opting for shows like Sacred Games and Bar Code. 

'Bar Code' is a nightlife drama about two friends who have entered the nightclub business together, but let their differences and resulting egos drive a wedge between them. Their hatred for each other is further fueled by their entangled lives that adds to the friction in their dynamics with one another and their extended circle of friends.

In an exclusive interaction with Mumbai Live, Karan Wahi spoke about the digital space, web series Bar Code, his journey in the industry, fictional space and much more...

Working in the digital space
"Bar Code for me has been a journey, I was in a different decade when I was approached for this show. It’s wonderful to know that finally, the journey is complete and out there, people are watching and liking it. It was something that I hadn’t tried ever. I come from a television background, there are kind of roles you keep getting and you can’t do anything about because television works in a certain way. Films I haven’t done too many so I won’t be able to say much about that medium. On the web, I did Sacred Games which was a negative role. I was glad that for the first time people called me and said ‘you have played a negative role, that’s cool!’ As an actor, it’s a blessing that I got an opportunity to work on something like Bar Code."

Your journey in the industry from ‘Remix to Bar Code'
"It’s been amazing! I have changed as a person. If you probably see an interview of me during Remix, I wouldn’t have spoken too much. I think the journey has been Wow! It’s been fantastic. I have survived for 14 years, I am very grateful to all the people that I have worked with, to all the people who actually wanted to see me do more things and it just pushes me to try out different things. When you come from a television background, you just keep on wanting to do meaningful cinema or meaningful roles. I am happy I have survived from Remix to Bar Code and hopefully, will keep doing work that I am proud of and if it works or it doesn’t that is not in my hands."

Do you miss the fictional (television) space?
"I do of course I do, I wish I could tell all my fans individually that how I miss doing television. However, the reason that I don’t do TV is the timeline of a project. Initially, my journey was all about doing television extensively, making a lot of money and in the process of building a name. With the web space, I got to do all three; making an impact, being a part of good content and being talked about my work than my looks. Therefore, I didn't want to go back into the shell of television. I believe that we need to evolve as people who don’t make hierarchies in work."

Finally coming back to Bar Code, the actor shared his nightlife stories and now how he prefers house parties over clubbing. Watch the video and know what Karan has to say about his real nightlife parties.

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