I'm an ordinary man with extraordinary dreams: Dhanush

In an exclusive interaction with Mumbai Live, National award winning actor Dhanush, talks about his Hollywood debut, working with Oscar nominee actors and a lot more about his upcoming film 'The Extraordinary Journey of a Fakir'

I'm an ordinary man with extraordinary dreams: Dhanush

Not many actors from India have made it to Hollywood, and from the handful who have got an opportunity, only some have shined on the international screen. Joining the list is yet another popular actor is Dhanush, who has earned a name for his exceptional work in both the Tamil film industry and Bollywood. His debut film in Hollywood titled 'The extraordinary journey of the Fakir' has received a lot of appreciation and awards from film festivals worldwide. 

Talking about the selection and his approach towards working in an international film, he said, "I got a call from the production and once J read the script, I liked positivity and relatable factors the story had. It is a simple story, and it is powerful. My approach to the film was the usual. The craft is the same, and only the language was different. I approach every character of mine with whatever knowledge I have, and I did this the same way."

This is the first time the actor has received an International exposure. On being asked if filmmakers try something different to impress the audience in other countries, he said, "No. I don't think so. I believe one should stay true to the origin. If we try to make a film to please them, with their approach, then it doesn't work out always. We should stick to our values and do what we are good at. My experience was great. It was able to explore a lot, which was new, thereby understand another dimension of this industry." 

With this film, Dhanush got an opportunity to travel across the world and also work with Oscar-nominees Berenice Bejo and Barkhad Abdi. Sharing his experience about the same, he said, "Both the actors are simple artists without any demands. Their craft has been appreciated and working with them was a true learning experience. I observed their work and learned about their approach to the role, film, and other aspects. This was a big opportunity and I truly value it. 

The reputed actor has worked in two Hindi films so far, and the audience has been waiting to see him again in a Bollywood film. On being asked, if he is planning to do anything soon in the Hindi entertainment space, he said, "I will be doing a Hindi film soon. Talking about the digital space I believe that it's a great medium which I was to work in, but for now, I'm waiting for the right script and content."

Dhanush finishes 18 years of his film career in 2019, and over these years, has been awarded three national awards. He has excelled in all the roles he has played on and off camera. Concluding the conversation and on being asked if is satisfied with his career graph and what he aspires to achieve, he said, "I relate to the tag line of the film. I'm an ordinary man with extraordinary dreams, and that's how my life has been so far. There is a lot to achieve. Think about the probability, as I have only won three national awards in 18 years of my film career. There is a lot to do, and if I look back at my career, I believe I will realise that I haven't anything as big as I aspire. Having said that, I'm very content and grateful, but I want to work towards achieving a lot more."

Directed by Ken Scott, Dhanush's 'The extraordinary journey of the fakir' will release in India, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, and Malaysia on June 21, 2019.