Is Bollywood losing another friendship?

Is Bollywood losing another friendship?

Juhu- After Karan Johar, is it  now Ajay Devgn's turn to clash with longtime pal Salman Khan? 

Ajay Devgan has revealed that his upcoming movie ‘Sons of Sardaar’ is based on the epic 'Battle of Saragarhi', which will showcase a battle between Sikhs and the Afghans. Word is also out that  Salman Khan is producing a movie on the same subject and his co-producer is ...any guesses? ...None other than Karan Johar.
Akshay Kumar is likely to play the lead in the film. This has apparently hurt Devgn, who has reportedly messaged Salman and requested him not to take his project ahead. Will Salman relent for friendship or decide to stick to his guns? Will another friendship in Bollywood bite the dust due to clashing "business" interests?
Let’s wait and watch.