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Golkeri shows the simplicity of relationships: Malhar Thakar

Talking about choosing the film and the role he plays, he said, " want people to see the side of Malhar that they haven’t seen before." Golkeri stars Manasi Parekh, Sachin Khedekar and Vandana Pathak

Golkeri shows the simplicity of relationships: Malhar Thakar

Malhar Thakar's upcoming film Golkeri will release soon and with this film, it is said that he will be stepping out of his comfort zone which will be of a calm and patient person - opposite to how he is and his frame of work previously

Talking about what made him choose the film, he said, "The script it did throw me off my usual path. I had to make sure that the acting has to be subtle because that is the character’s demand. I want people to see the side of Malhar that they haven’t seen before. Talking about the film, it is the way the character is written and presented, also I wanted to try doing something different which I haven’t done before. The casting was interesting and my character as Sahil was fleshed out well also, this is a movie where all four characters share the load of the film equally, even if one of us was not up to the challenge the film would have fallen flat. The script in Golkeri shows the simplicity of relationships, it touches on the things which should be spoken about more often in our society and showcases the beautiful bond that a child shares with his parents irrespective of age. All these things made me say yes to this project.”

Malhar who had briefly worked with Manasi Parekh before got a chance to collaborate with her again on this project shares, “The shoot for the previous project lasted only a couple of days, so we didn’t really get the time to get past just acquaintance and work. But with Golkeri, we shot for 24 days apart from which we had workshops and rehearsals so in a way we all spent more time together which helped us create bonding and some fantastic memories on this project.”

This was the first time that Malhar shared the screen with senior actors Sachin Khedekar and Vandana Pathak, he elaborates on his experience, “I did feel some pressure initially, but the bonding we all shared was so genuine it shows on screen. Vandanaji who plays my mother in the movie is my favourite character, it made me feel like this is how moms should be. I in a way connected to her which has translated on-screen brilliantly. The way the relationship has been shown in the movie is very progressive. The parents are that way nowadays so with Golkeri, we broke away from the stereotype in that sense.”

Sharing more about his experience on the sets, Malhar says, “I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process with Golkeri – where we had a bound script, we did reading, workshops, then we did a discussion with the director of how he wanted certain scenes to be after which we went on floor, so we were well prepared. These preparations really help achieve the optimum work scope during the shoot because there are numerous reasons which can affect the time flow – such as bad weather, someone falling ill. But when it is a well-planned unit – we can achieve the desired outcome within the time frame. With Golkeri, for the very first time, we did camera rehearsals, where we were in tandem with our DOP who would tell us how the camera would be set up for a particular shot and how we need to be in the frame. This was a new and absolutely enlightening experience for me. I got to learn a lot about how the movements, how it will be shot, so it was great to see the final cut.”

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