Rajinikanth in Mumbai for his next film

    Rajinikanth in Mumbai for his next film
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    Fan favourite Rajinikanth has arrived in Mumbai to shoot for his upcoming Tamil film ‘Kaala Karikaalan’. The superstar wants to complete shooting in just a week’s time (we know Rajinikanth is faster than speed of light)

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    — thirdeyecinemas (@thirdeyecinema1) https://twitter.com/thirdeyecinema1/status/869146825160183809">May 29, 2017

    He came to Mumbai on May 27. After ‘Kabali’, Rajinikanth will be seen depicting a gangster in his upcoming film. Huma Qureshi is starring opposite him in this film. Anjali Patil and Sakshi Agarwal can be seen in prominent roles as well.

    This film, which is produced by Dhanush has Santosh Narayan’s music. The film revolves around Tamil people living in Mumbai.

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