I want to only tell real stories, ones that matter: Svati Chakravarthy Bhatkal

Aamir Khan Productions' new film 'Rubaru Roshni' has three inspiring stories which are bound to change your perspective about life. In an exclusive interaction with Mumbai Live, the writer and director Svati Bhatkal shares her journey of how she came across the concept and the stories.

I want to only tell real stories, ones that matter: Svati Chakravarthy Bhatkal

Over the last few years, Aamir Khan Productions has showcased a new form of content, with an attempt to kindle the humanity in us, be it through films like Taare Zameen Par and Dangal or shows like Satyamev Jayate. Keeping the aim intact, the team at AKP released a new concept, this time with an aim to ensure we think about forgiveness. One name from Aamir’s team which works hard behind these stories is Svati Bhatkal. This calm and composed lady thinks something which we, on a regular day, tend to avoid and ignore. Amid the chaos we live in, Svati focuses on bringing topics that should bother us, eventually making life easier and better for everyone.

She joined hands again with Aamir Khan, this time for a film titled ‘Rubaru Roshini’ which taught us the power of forgiveness. This 120-minute film takes us through three riveting stories, bound to inspire the viewers.

In a conversation with Mumbai Live, she shares her journey behind scripting and experiencing this while the shoot.

On being asked if she got emotional during the conversation with the people, she said, “I got emotional all the time when I met them and heard their story. The lived with pain and are today ready to share their past with the public. The motive here is to inspire others, and in such cases, it is hard to not get emotional – it is a natural response and it is completely fair to breakdown at times. It was a way being honest to what I felt when they shared their tale - a way of communication and opening up with them.”

All the stories which Svati shared in the film evoke emotions and tell you something different – a new of life – which every one of us should follow. The narrators have opened up in a way, that will surprise you. But on being questioned if they were hesitant while interacting with the team, she said, “All of them cooperated very well and there weren’t hesitating to share the story. What surprised me was the fact that all they wanted is a break and wanted time to talk about it in detail, and so I had to give them time. If you see the film, you will realise that they are speaking truly from the heart, with emotions.”

One of the three stories shared in the film is highly relatable to Mumbaikars. The doomed day of 26/11 is brought back to life with Kim Scherr’s story, who took the positive from this incident with a motive to change as many lives as she can for good. Svati and her team wanted to bring back those memories with a message. “Mumbai is my city and I have lived through a lot this city has gone through. For me, it was the most important story to tell. We all need to heal and every year on the anniversary on 26/11, I still feel that all the survivors need our support. Unless we heal, we can’t help others. I had decided that I wanted to talk about forgiveness clearly. They have all taken a different approach to their life,” she added when asked about the choice of stories.

Rubaru Roshni leaves one emotional and to be honest, it changed my perspective towards approaching people. What intrigued me was to find out how she came up with this idea, and whilst sharing the same, Svati said, “It was around August-September 2015 when I read an article about Avantika and Samundar. It was moving. Satyamev Jayate was over and I wanted to do something meaningful. I want to do something positive. The world seems to be caught in violence and counter-violence, where people are fighting because of simple things. Wars, terror, retribution etc. are bothering. If this is true, then there seems to be a path which they have shown for our lives – and this was from both the sides. This led to investigating more on the subjects and that’s how it all began.”

After this film, the entire media fraternity wanted Svati and Aamir Khan to bring a sequel, and they thanked for the support and appreciation. But the talented lady has not thought about what she wants to do. “I don’t know about the genre I will choose next, but I’m sure that I want to tell real stories, that matter. I hope Aamir is a part of them too, however it is a conjecture. This is my first film and I really need time to think about how I want to continue my work,” she said (laughing) bringing an end to a wonderful chat.