Not Sorry? What do you mean?

Not Sorry? What do you mean?

Ok! People spent a bomb to get there, queued up just to watch him, battled the scorching heat, paid like a hundred bucks for mineral water bottles that are actually sold for twenty bucks and still the event rocked. Ironical isn’t it? But this is not just it. You really need to know what else went wrong in Justin Bieber’s much-awaited concert. We thought you would not want to miss the beats of the concert.

All this for a lip-sync?

To start with, people may think that what they actually spent a fortune on. The entire concert was lip synched so what was he really thinking? So majorly it felt as if people went on paying so much for so little or may be nothing. And then when he couldn’t get himself ridiculed enough, there came a point where he simply started sipping water right after a song started playing.

@justinbieber lip sync all his songs on stage. What a way to cheat your fans. And what a waste of so much money. #JustinBieberIndia

— Shareq Inamdar (@itssrq) May 11, 2017

Angel:You Can Ask #JustinBieberIndia Tickets
Me:No,Instead Give That Amount To Drought Hit Farmers
Angel:You Are Only One Who Sound Wise

— Akshay Aher (@AkshayAher05) May 11, 2017

#JustinBieberIndia crazy production but lack of respect for fans! Lip synching is not cool and not appreciated #NeverAgain

— polkadot (@poonamnikam) May 10, 2017

Lip sync hi karwana tha toh itna kharcha q kiya ?
Loudspeakers hi lagwa lete ! #JustinBieberIndia

— A.V.I.N.A.S.H (@Black_Wayfarer) May 10, 2017

Not music to ears

Because how else he would then be able to show off that he’s a rockstar to the core. But he went miserably wrong there too. So just when he thought he could put up a great show by strumming the guitar for his fans, is exactly the moment where he was flicking the strings to tune everything but music. But yes! He did show some courtesy and apologised to his fans blaming the wrong tune complete on humidity. "Weather is not too hot, but the sun is kinda different here!” Really? 

ltr">#JustinBieberconcert he looked so indifferent to entertain, and ppl paid 75k to see him doing dubsmash on his own song— Hemal Kanani (@hemal_kanani) May 11, 2017

Dress sense gone nonsensical

And then he really needed to or probably needs to get his dress sense right! I mean a bulky t-shirt and boxer shorts is all that you could manage Justin? So while the fans may have loved the lip-synced music that played there, what most of the people could not and should not be okay with the fact that you sport yourself with an attire as minimalistic as this.So what about the adage dress to impress! Sure, you did draw the event to a close with a Namaste or your crew members waving the flag of India. But what about waving the flag yourself? What about the adage dress to impress because you did none of it.

ltr">@justinbieber You were amazing last night, Purpose tour India #JustinBieberconcert #PurposeTourStadiums— Furkan Aibani (@PARTofFURKAN) May 11, 2017

So he did apologise for not getting the tune right, but what we did want is him singing his track 'Sorry' and not be sorry! I mean what’s with taking your own song literally Justin? #Whatdoyoumean

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