Mumbai: 130 Acres of Land at Film City Converted to Industrial Zone

Mumbai: 130 Acres of Land at Film City Converted to Industrial Zone
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The Maharashtra Urban Development Department (UDD) has converted around 130 acres of land space located in Mumbai’s Film City from a ‘no-development zone’ to an industrial zone. 

An official familiar with the matter said that this will help attract more investments while also aiding the redevelopment of the region. The UDD has sought objections and suggestions from the citizens over the new inclusions proposed on the land.  

The official went on to say that this change in classification for the land will help in the establishment of new amenities including studios with special effects facilities, an administrative office, a small screen theatre and amphitheatre, as well as a convention centre.

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The Managing Director of the Film City Corporation, Manisha Verma said, “We had requested the department to convert some area into an industrial zone to facilitate the development of good-quality infrastructure for production and post-production facilities. We have 521 acres of land at Film City, of which only 360 acres was in the industrial zone. Now, 130 more acres have been converted into industrial zone.”

Other officials added that this would help boost Film City’s existing infrastructure in the midst of states like Uttar Pradesh looking to bring filmmakers and studios to its state. 

An officer from the Film City said, “We want to have a state-of-the-art set-up, complete with production, pre-production and post-production facilities. Bollywood is one of India’s biggest cultural identities and as of today, there is nothing major that we have to showcase. We want to develop Film City on the lines of Hollywood, where visitors can watch the shooting in a viewing area. Top film-making companies from the West had shown keen interest in the project.”

As for concerns regarding threats to the local vegetation during the construction process, another official said that the flora in the region will be relatively untouched, adding “We will ensure that the trees and the greenery are maintained as it is.”

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