Porpoise found dead along Juhu beach

A female porpoise washed ashore Juhu beach that measured 92 cm and the reason for the death is unknown

Porpoise found dead along Juhu beach

On Tuesday, people were surprised to see the sight of dead Porpoise that had washed ashore at Juhu beach.

On Tuesday morning, NGO RAWW received a distress call from locals informing them about the dead marine creature. Founder of RAWW, Pawan Sharma said that the stranding was reported immediately to the mangrove cell, after which a team of first responding staff with vet and wildlife biologists was sent to the spot.

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A post-mortem was conducted by veterinarian Dr Neha Shah from the Animal Husbandry Department and the report will be submitted to the mangroves cell in a day or two. The found mammal was a female porpoise measuring 92 cm.

In the month of August, two dolphin deaths and one Porpoise death were reported along the Mumbai coast. The findings of the postmortem had suggested that both the dolphins died of sudden heart attack but the reason for the death of porpoise remains unknown.

About Porpoise
Porpoises are a group of fully aquatic marine mammals that are sometimes referred to as mereswine, all of which are classified under the family Phocoenidae, parvorder Odontoceti (toothed whales). There are seven extant species of porpoise. They are small toothed whales that are very closely related to oceanic dolphins.

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