Around 2,000 Sq.m of Juhu’s Foreshore Is Now Under the Sea

Around 2,000 Sq.m of Juhu’s Foreshore Is Now Under the Sea

Authorities in Mumbai are currently in the process of reclaiming land for coastal infrastructure programs, including the ambitious coastal road project. However, following the wrath of Cyclone Nisarga a few months ago in the city, fishermen in the Juhu foreshore are now coping with the change in the coastal landscape as water has taken over parts of the land. 

The land was previously used for docking boats and drying fish. But fishermen in the region now have to row over what used to be the foreshore of the beach. It is said that the sea has taken over a 2,000 square meter strip of land on Juhu’s west coast. 

“You would find seven to 10 boats anchored here before. The (Juhu) foreshore took a pounding during the Nisarga (cyclone) storm (in June) and within a few days, the sea reclaimed this entire portion,” said local fisherman Shankar Mangela. “Some of us moved our boats in the nick of the time, others were not that lucky. A couple of boats have suffered damage,” he added.

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Keeping this in mind, Chairman of Juhu Moragaon Macchimaar Vividh Karyakari Sahakari Sanstha Limited, Dashrath Mangela has a letter to the Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB), the State Fisheries Department as well as the Suburban Collector to bring these issues to their attention.

Some fishermen in the region also said that the MMB installed tetrapods across the beach last year near Seven Bungalows so as to prevent the sea waves from crashing into the adjoining slums at the foreshore. Speaking to The Indian Express, officials from the Fisheries and Environment departments said that they will look into the concerns of the fishermen in the Juhu region. 

It’s no secret that the coastal road project has impacted fishermen in the region significantly. However, the authorities are yet to take any decisive steps on the matter. Given that some of the coastal landscape is expected to change in the region, locals hope that these concerns will lead to a suitable response from the officials.

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