Yet Again, Citizens Stage A Silent Protest At Aarey Colony

Several activists and organisations like Aarey Conservation Group, Vanshakti etc. staged a silent protest against the Metro 3 carshed at Aarey Colony.


For the third consecutive Sunday, thousands of citizens, activists and non-profit environmental organisations staged a silent protest by forming a human chain on the carshed construction site on Sunday, September 15 at Aarey Colony against the felling of 2700 trees for the Metro-3 project's (Colaba-Bandra-Seepz) carshed. 

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The organisations like Aarey Conservation Group, Vanshakti and Muse Foundation along with prominent activists like Zoru Bhathena, Stalin Dayanand claimed that destroying the environment for the sake of development isn't justified as it can cause great environmental problems. Highlighting the recent flood-like situation in Mumbai, activist Zoru Bhathena claimed that the water from Sanjay Gandhi National Park (SNGP) and Aarey Forest flows into Mithi river keeping the river alive.

He further stated that Aarey’s forest and open land are the flood plain of the Mithi River and when the Mithi river overflows, the water reaches inside Aarey forest. If we destroy this flood plain area with concrete construction and by cutting trees, then the extra water in the river will move into residential localities in Mumbai and in the case of heavy rains, this will result in a deluge.

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