88 Acres of Mangroves Slashed Down in Gorai

    88 Acres of Mangroves Slashed Down in Gorai
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    Gorai, Uttan and Manori. Places like these are known to be the National Migrating Site of the Central Environment and Forest Department and come under the CRZ-3 area. Despite of all this, a case has been already registered by a certain private company to construct a five-star resort by illegally cutting them off.  On the other hand, RTI activist and environment lover, Harish Pandey has unleashed the case of the illegal slashing of Mangroves and had brought this to the notice of the concerned authorities a week ago. As told to Mumbai Live, the authorities turned the tables as they accused Pandey of a big scandal.

    Harish Pandey, on the other hand, had filed a case against the Essel Group in the High Court in the year 2013 for slashing of Mangroves in the area of 15 acres. As a result, the court had stayed the order of slaying the Mangroves. Nevertheless, on being supplied with the information of cutting down of Mangroves on 88 acres of land, Pandey examined the entire case from the scratch.

    As per the High Court directive, a case has been filed against the people involved in the cutting of 15 acres of mangroves in 2015, nevertheless, no action was taken in that regard. Consequently, all the Mangroves in the range of 88 acres were slashed off.

    Noel D’Souza, the administrative officer of Gorai Fisheries Co-operative Society furnished the precise number of Mangroves that were cut down in Gorai Bay, quite a number of days ago. Yet, their slaying didn’t cease, taking cognizance of which the fishermen brought the issue to the notice of the local police station, Kandalvana room, forest department, municipality and municipal corporation, but no action was taken, hence, the fishermen took to the roads to express their agitation.

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