Come April 2020 and the Mahim beach could sport a fully revamped cleaner look. It has recently come to the notice of the authorities that Mahim Beach had become the dumping ground of sorts and BMC is now planning to change the same. It has joined hands with locals from the beach cleaning and monitoring committee to oversee the revamping process. 

BMC’s jurisdiction over the Mahim beach covers 200 metres — from St Michael’s Church to Mahim Reti Bunder at Mahim Causeway and they are planning to have a minimum design for beautification. 

There are also plans to convert this spot into a tourist spot. As a part of this plan, the Mahim fort which is known for its rich history will be turned into a venue for a light-and-sound show.  As a part of the beautification process, BMC will be creating pathways and an amphitheatre and the restoration of the Mahim fort. They are planning to use only sustainable products for beautifying the spot. The idea of the entire exercise is to clean the beach and unclutter the space. 

The biggest hurdle for the architects of this project is that they have to work around a building in the middle of the beach, which belongs to the Coast Guard. They will be putting up fencing around the bamboo marts on the beach to restrict the spread of waste and the movement of vehicles.

What do you think of these efforts by the BMC to clear the clutter and clean the space around Mahim beach? If you have any recent pictures of Mahim beach then do tag us with the same on Twitter @MumbaiLiveNews or on Instagram @MumbaiLiveOfficial and we shall share the same. 

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