Moderate rainfall to continue in Mumbai for next few days in June: Weather experts

Experts from IMD and Skymet have suggested that the remaining days of June will record approximately 60mm of rainfall and the city will witness next heavy rainfall in Mumbai only in the month of July.

Moderate rainfall to continue in Mumbai for next few days in June: Weather experts

Over the last few weeks, the city of Mumbai has been experiencing rainfall, as this year too, the monsoon arrived exactly on June 9, 2021. The first three days witnessed sufficient rainfall, which reduced eventually from the fourth day. As per reports published on the Skymet website, the city has recorded total rainfall of 914.1mm until June 25, 2021. This is said to be 554.1mm more than the normal as the monthly average earlier has been recorded to be 493.1mm.

The data witnessed this year is the third highest recorded in the last decade. Mumbaikars have experienced rainfall on almost all days of this month. Below mentioned is the data reported by Skymet for this month:

June 1-7
June 8-14
June 15-20
83mm (on June 17)
June 21 onwards
Monsoon (dry mostly)

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The city will continue to see light to moderate showers which will be temporary in nature. Remaining days will record approximately 60mm of rainfall. The next heavy rainfall in Mumbai is only expected in the month of July. 

Similar prediction has been made by IMD which reported that parts of Maharashtra receive good rainfall; however, no major rainfall alert for the next 4-5 days. The upcoming four to five days will record moderate showers across Maharashtra. Head SID of the climate team from IMD, KS Hosalikar took to Twitter and said, "Rainfall in Maharashtra since 1 June to 23 Jun. Looks good here as most of is blue or green. Point of concern is,has not rained much in state in most part of Marathwada,Parts of N M Mah & parts of vidarbha in last week.Coming 4,5 days also not much is expected as per IMD forecast."

Meanwhile, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has warned the citizens about Leptospirosis and amidst the monsoons, the civic body has issued advisory for the same. Experts have informed that the citizens are more likely to be infected if they travel and walk through waterlogged roads across the city without wearing gumboots.

Experts have informed that the weather system in the Bay of Bengal is currently experiencing low pressure since June 10, and hence the monsoon is reportedly weak and is seen mostly in the east of India. However, a shift is predicted which could shift the monsoon to the foothills in the next few days limited the rainfall to the northeast.

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