Temperatures across Mumbai to soar over the coming days

Temperatures across Mumbai to soar over the coming days

As per data posted by KS Hosalikar on Twitter, several parts of Mumbai reported a fall in temperatures on Thursday morning, with the trend expected to continue before temperatures across the state soar again. Hosalikar is the Deputy Director-General of Meteorology, India Met Department (IMD), and provides timely updates on the state of the weather as well as the air quality in Maharashtra.

He added that minimum temperatures could touch 18 degrees celsius on the 13th of March while max temperatures could reach up to or more than 30 degrees during the course of the day. The IMD mentioned that minimum temperatures will fall in other parts of Maharashtra as well before rising again.

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On Thursday, places like Marathwada saw maximum temperatures touching almost 34 degrees, Hosalikar added. Places like Ghatkopar and Colaba experienced maximum temperatures in excess of 30 degrees on Thursday. Meanwhile, areas like Powai, Borivali, Kandivali, and Goregaon saw the lowest minimum temperatures across Mumbai.  

The IMD mentioned that the city of Mumbai could get hotter starting March 15 with temperatures expected to touch or go beyond 34 degrees celsius. Citizens are expected to prepare accordingly to avoid any surprises. It seems like the pattern is going to stay the same as it has been over the past few days with mornings being relatively cooler while the temperatures rise up during the day. 

Also worth mentioning is that Mumbai’s air quality index (PM2.5) reading on Thursday morning was 39, which is considered “Good”. Over the course of the day, the particulate matter reading fluctuated between 80-90 which happens to fall under the “Moderate” category.