Air quality in Mumbai on Thursday went from bad to worse. On Thursday morning, the pollution levels recorded were at 277. The only silver lining, in this case, was that by Thursday evening, the Air Quality Index (AQI) improved to 210 by Thursday evening.

Furthermore, the worst air quality recorded on Thursday evening was at Bandra Kurla Complex and Mazgaon, which were at 308 and 307 respectively. Just like on Wednesday, Bhandup was the cleanest. The AQI in that area was recorded at 88, in the satisfactory category.

The air quality in Mumbai has been in the poor range ever since Christmas and things are expected to remain in this region in the coming few days.  According to the experts, the moisture-laden weather is said to be the reason for the bad air quality in the island city.

On February 10, Mumbai had recorded an AQI of 264, which so far was considered to be the worst day in respect to air pollution for Mumbai. However, on Thursday, the air pollution even crossed this mark making it the worst air quality day of the year.

The forecast of overall AQI for Friday is 236, which again falls in "poor" category. 

According to a recent study conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has revealed dangerous concentrations of PM10 in Mumbai’s air. This study was conducted among 24 peninsular cities of the country with Mumbai, unfortunately, ranking first. Most people have been stressing to take immediate action against the rising air pollution before the situation turns worse. 

Decoding the AQI parameters

  • An AQI between 0-50 is considered "good"
  • An AQI between 51-100 "satisfactory"
  • An AQI between 101-200 "moderate"
  • An AQI between 201-300 "poor"
  • An AQI between 301-400 "very poor"
  • An AQI between 401-500 "severe"
  • An AQI above 500 is "severe-plus or emergency" category

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