World Earth Day: Celebrate, Cycle, attend workshops, plant trees

Youth for Aarey (YFA) has decided to celebrate the 'Earth Day' weekend with a series of events to honour planet Earth

World Earth Day: Celebrate, Cycle, attend workshops, plant trees

An adage,“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed,” aptly fits for us greedy humans who are doing every bit to make most of the commercial use of the natural resources and destroying our planet. But, at the same time, there are people who are really striving hard to sustain the planet in their own ways.

On the occasion of ‘World Earth Day’ which falls on Sunday, April 22, 2018, Mumbaikars can suit themselves with a series of events taking place in the city. 

1) Youth for Aarey workshops

Youth for Aarey (YFA) — an amalgamation of school and college students in Mumbai — has decided to celebrate the Earth Day weekend with a series of events to honour planet Earth. It will begin on Friday, April 20 and will conclude on Sunday, April 22 (Earth Day).

This is our first event and we are organising to stay persistent on our stand of protecting Aarey and giving it a forest identity. We will entertain no constructions no builder lobby,” Priti Bhosle, member, YFA. 

Along with a message of preserving Aarey, YFA members have conducted entertainment events and workshops with an aim to connect youth to the natural splendor of the city and the importance of preserving Maharashtra or Mahim Nature Park and Sanjay Gandhi Nature Park and other green spaces in Mumbai.

Workshops (limited space)
April 22nd (Sunday) Aarey Milk Colony

Workshop 1: Nature appreciation mini Trek 

Workshop 2: Forest art

Workshop 3: Warli painting workshop
Apart from this, YFA has also organised an optional donation drive at the workshop. 

2) Green Day at David Sassoon Industrial School, Matunga

In December 2016, Priti, Neesha, and Sachi took the initiative to germinate urban farming in David Sassoon Industrial School, a shelter home in Matunga. Their goal was simple, to have the boys learn how to grow their own organic food and to add nutrition to the existing food.

A little over a year old, Green Friends and the lush green garden has become a place for boys from the home and volunteers to foster friendships and embark upon a journey of learning from each other and nature, all this while gardening and having fun, of course!

Green Friends is a complete volunteer community-run space where we as a family, take responsibilities, have fun and come together to serve humbly.

Mumbaikars can volunteer with them this Sunday as they plant seeds and harvest vegetables and do a lot more.

Venue- David Sassoon Industrial School, Matunga Road West (Western Line)
Day- Sunday, April 22
Activity- Planning mulch leaves, make beds, and make trellises.
Time- 9:00 am-12:00 pm

3) Cycle Katta with Sonali Kulkarni on Earth Day

The Cycle Katta aims to be an informal gathering of people who love cycling in all its forms and meet once every three months to discuss and network. On the occasion of World Earth Day, Cycle Katta will be celebrating the day with writer-director-actor-successful triathlete and regular cyclist Sonali Kulkarni who will speak on her cycling experiences.

In today’s world, when many of the celebrities put up their posts just to promote sports, actor Sonali Kulkarni is the one who cycles every day as a part of her fitness. And the best part is she rides simple cycle.We felt that she should share her experiences with Mumbaikars who in return will hopefully do their bit to contribute to our planet on World Earth Day,” Prashant Nanaware, Cycle Katta 

Venue- Maharashtra Nature Park
Time- 8:00 am onwards
Contact- Prashant Nanaware - 9892942628
Ashish Agashe - 9819749050

4. Seed bombing ride 


You can also join Caravan Trips who believe that Mother Earth has blessed humans with almost everything on a decorated platter and in return they have left no stone unturned to destroy our own habitat.

Hence, in order to celebrate World Earth Day, Caravan Trips has collaborated with iKheti to bring an opportunity for all to make a difference. Participants will get to ride a cycle and throw seeds on their way in Aarey Gardens.

Charges- ₹1000 per person (1050 including 5 % GST)
Difficulty- Easy/Medium (There are some up hills)
Date- 22nd April
Meeting point- Goregaon Aarey Colony Entrance
End location- Marol Aarey Colony Entrance
Time- 7:00 am
Contact number- 08976949403
Duration- 2 Hours
Includes- Cycle rental + Helmet + Organizing charges + Expertise charges + Light Refreshments + Seed Bombs

So, instead of lazing around on Sunday, be a part of any of the event and contribute your bit to save our planet which is slowly dying.

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