A Fan Of Indian Weaves, Ragini Hopes To Imbibe India's Rich Cultural Heritage In Fashion

Ragini Varma, a lifestyle influencer shares with Mumbai Live her journey into the heavily participated influencer sphere.

A Fan Of Indian Weaves, Ragini Hopes To Imbibe India's Rich Cultural Heritage In Fashion

Lifestyle and fashion expert, Ragini is an influential professional, whose posts have charismatic and personal touches to them. Being an astute student with commendable professional experience, she has also been an advocate of local handwork with over 26.9 k followers on Instagram.

Brought up in a quaint town of Assam called Dibrugarh, Ragini grew amidst lush tea gardens. When asked if her hometown, one that is known for its culture, has been a driving force into her foray in lifestyle and fashion, she answered, “Assam is a beautiful state that has a wide cultural background. Growing up, I travelled to Meghalaya and Guwahati and since I had witnessed the beautiful culture and amazing craftsmanship, I fell in love with Indian handicrafts. I believe that that's where I first found my love for fashion.”

An academically inclined student, she graduated college with an engineering degree and works as a Product Manager. Whilst addressing how she manages both, she elaborates, “I have a schedule for everything. Weekends are dedicated to shooting and creating content, while weekdays are strictly for work. It does get difficult at times, but I believe that if you love what you do and have the drive and passion for it, you will be able to balance everything.”

Earlier, she also helped in launching the handloom website Jharonka, a sister brand for Craftsvilla. She has also worked with multiple small Indian designers to promote the artisan handwork and is admittedly is an ardent fan of Indian weaves. “India's rich cultural heritage needs to be imbibed by each one of us. There are so many different forms of handlooms that one can only find in our country. Where else in the world would you find lines of beautiful designs vis a vis leheriya or intricate work like chikankari. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the weaves of India are a force to reckon with. It's a treat to the eyes that Indian brands have kept a niche of their designs intact, unlike the high fashion brands which are primarily ruling all social media platforms. Indian brands are versatile and that's probably why every brand has its own story to tell,” she exclaims. 

Her keys to success have been displaying fashion dos and don’ts, lifestyle trends, sharing reviews, and creating how-to’s. Many millennials and Gen Z look forward to the tips and tutorials she shares. When questioned on how she’s managed to create a niche for herself in the intensely participated field of lifestyle and fashion, she states, “It is not easy to create a niche for yourself in an overcrowded mark, so instead of trends, I focus more on re-wearing, recycling the pieces already in my wardrobe. I believe many people would relate to this because it's not possible to keep buying new clothes at the drop of a hat. We need to normalise re-wearing outfits, but we can style it uniquely which leads us to have a new outfit for every occasion. I provide different tips and hacks to my audience since my audience relates to it. Apart from this, I scout for Indian designers which are relatively unknown and give them a platform.”

Additionally, with millennials and Gen Z having a strong presence on social media, she ensures that her content is relatable to engage with them. Elaborating this, Ragini says, “I make it a point to give various tips and hacks that will help people with their fashion-related issues. I also ensure that the pieces I show on Instagram or my styling are for everyone. From an 18-year-old looking to do Indo fusion to a 40-year-old who wants to rock in a pair of dhoti pants, my fashion is ageless.”

As a viewer one can not only expect lots of vibrant colours but also partake in her love for Indian brands. Additionally, they can get access to fashion that includes basic everyday styles, party and festive looks. “The “Get Ready With Me Tutorials” are my personal favourites. I also believe that I have an eye for finding gorgeous pieces and then styling them in versatile ways.”

As a lifestyle influencer, she also shared her stance on sponsored posts with Mumbai Live. as she tells,“The crucial thing for me is that I must relate to their brand or product. Only if I am confident of the product I am endorsing, will I take up the collaboration. I like to be genuine and authentic to my audience. I stand for what is relatable since it enables me to connect with my audience.”

On being asked how to make a lasting first impression, she states that it is important to be comfortable with what one chooses to wear. From sticking to outfits that reflect your personality to keeping it simple, she believes that simplicity is the keynote of true elegance. “Another important tip would be to iron your clothes and ensure your hair is well-groomed. You don't need to spend hordes to look presentable, your personal hygiene, clean shoes and a nice smile are enough.”

As a lifestyle influencer who has immense love for Indian fashion designers, she hopes to take their reach to greater heights.

To anyone looking to make a break into the “influencer sphere” her two cents to them would be that consistency is the key. “Take inspiration from people in a similar niche as yours, but never pretend to be someone else. Follow trends but make them your own by incorporating yourself. Most importantly, be passionate about the content you’re putting out there. Be humble and just love and have fun with what you do.”

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