Fashion Influencer: All you need to know about trendsetter 'Aastha Mehta'

Fashion Influencer: All you need to know about trendsetter 'Aastha Mehta'

Name of the blogger: Aastha Mehta

Hometown and current location: Mumbai and London

Platforms active & handles:

Active since: 2017

What made you take a decision to be a blogger/influencer?
I knew content writing, how to crack breaking news, making it to the headlines, social media audiences, hashtags, how to shoot a Vlog, photography, etc. and these were also all the skills I needed to start a blog by myself and hear I am.

What skills did you have to work on, during the initial days of blogging?
As I said earlier, I knew the knack of blogging. Being from a field where trends used to matter, so wasn’t a big deal for me. Wasn’t keen to get into the glamour industry. .The only thing left was to start a Fashion Blog….and I bet this was the BEST decision ever. I'm living all my dreams now.

What differentiates you from your other fellow bloggers/influencers?
I have never kept a clear focus on that. I know that I have to be best at my work and I will.

How did you get into Fashion?
I personally did not want to make a place in the Glamour Industry. So I did my Major in Advertising and Social Media Marketing so I could switch careers or have an overall knowledge about everything so I could pursue anything I wanted in the future apart from fashion…and the I distinctly chose fashion as my major topic throughout the course so I could prove that I have done my research and study majorly n Fashion and I know how it works. Finally, I graduated in 2015 - MA in Advertising from London College of Communication (University Of Arts London - UAL) and 40% of my course was my project and research analysis based on Fashion. I concluded whole research and a 40,000-word dissertation project on how my favourite brand ZARA does their marketing and advertising without zero visibility of print advertising.

Difficulties you faced and have overcome, over the years?
Born in a conservative family, I faced a lot of challenges where my career choices clashed with what my parents felt. I somehow managed to make a way for my dreams and ironically I am now doing the job which my parents always felt I would be great at. I have also been one of the best content writers for the Times Network where my content was loved by millions of readers and the articles were trending many times.

What is the one interesting and challenging aspect of being an influencer/blogger?
The best part about Blogging is that the content you create is an expression or rather a part of you. It’s such a beautiful platform to express. You can change the world with blogging. Not just fashion, styling, beauty…there are so many things we bloggers can take up and change the world in our own very little ways. We become walking talking advertisements to brands and companies. If we promote something good, something helpful to society. It can make such a huge impact and change millions of opinions. The world is in our hands literally!

What do you think about fashion being the most observed thing today?
When world fashion is crossing borders and making its way onto the Indian style-streets it is very important that Indians get early access to international fashion. While designs and styles are unique, a common thread is weaving trends together. Practising in two cities will mean that Indian Ethnic Fashion will also be seen in London. From highlighting current fashion trends, styles and styling ideas to reviewing products, I also like to showcase different styles for different occasions and fashion trends that can be adopted by women across different age groups.

What makes you say 'no' to a brand/client?
As I said earlier, We become walking talking advertisements to brands and companies. If we promote something good, something helpful to society, it will make a huge difference. So have to be very decisive while having a saying a yes/no to a brand/client.

Complete this sentence... As an influencer, you strive to
I strive to be a full-time Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle Blogger and Social Media Influencer which I am already now. I Dress Up, Travel the World, Shop and Influence for a living...and I wouldn't have it any other way. I've never been so happy, I've never been so confident, I've never been a better version of myself. There is so much we are all capable off! We just need to open our wings and fly.