Common Bra Myths Busted

Common Bra Myths Busted

Be it a bragging salesperson or an ill-informed relative, there are many in our surroundings who thrive on myths about our innerwear and never fail to use an opportunity to spread their knowledge. As kids, we have all believed in these notions and some of us simply grow up, still stuck with them as adults. 

It’s time to grow past these myths before you buy bra online

Myth: Bra can cause breast cancer

Fact: Back in 1995, a team of anthropologists claimed that bras cause breast cancer as they restrict the lymph nodes around the breasts because of being tight and fitting. They explained that these may trap toxins which result in cancer. However, what the myth fails to consider is that the lymphatic system around the breasts go from the edges to the nipples and then to the underarms. As the underwire is away from the area, there is no chance for the lymphs to be compressed, which is the very basis of the theory. 

Myth: New bra should fit at the last hook

Fact: When buying that perfect bra, it is not necessary that going for the largest brand size is the best method. It should fit the middle hook. The idea is that one can move to the outer hook when the size of the breasts increases during period, and when the bra is stretched out, one can easily tighten it by moving to the inner hook. 

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Myth: Sleeping in your bra will make your breasts perky

Fact: Where there are many who claim that sleeping in your bra can do wonders to your breasts, there is no scientific evidence to support the claim. In fact, sagging breasts is natural and can happen because of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Also, drooping ligaments with age is also a gradual and unavoidable process. 

Myth: Your breasts will sag because of wearing a bra

Fact: Some believe that wearing a bra will make your breasts sag over a period of time as they obstruct the formation of the supportive muscle tissue. Amusingly, these believers fail to consider that there is no muscle in the breasts and only has fat, ligaments and skin. 

Myth: Washing your bra frequently will spoil your bra

Fact: Where it is widely believed that washing your bras frequently can spoil the fit of the bra, did you know that the fabric will break down with constant rubbing against the oil and dirt from the skin. Keeping it clean will just increase your bra’s life. 

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Myth: Your bra size is the same across brands

Fact: We are all struggling for the right fit and assume that the same bra size will work for us in all the possible brands we can go for. However, different brands can have different sizes for different bras. These sizes are determined on the basis of the body type of one model, who definitely cannot determine the size for everybody. It’s always good to try in every store. 

Myth: There is only one way to wear that bra. 

Fact: We usually lean forward to wear that bra and reach out for the hooks on our back, but do you know that we can also place it upside down and hook it from the front? Well, there are many ways to wear it. 

Hope that these facts help bust the myths that people have been living with since ages.