2.18 minutes of humanity

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    Mumbai- A man lying injured on the street, with people clicking pictures or just being bystanders is a scene we are inured to seeing in Mumbai. 

    Good Samaritans who will step in to help a fellow human are rare in the heartless metropolis. However, the city recently had the good fortune of seeing a simian good Samaritan turning into a saviour by bravely trying to rescue a crow that had fallen prey to a deadly manja, the glass encrusted nylong string used to fly kites.
    A crow that got entangled in the branches of a tree due to the manja was fighting a losing battle this Makar Sankranti. As the video shows, a monkey appeared from nowhere and understanding the crow's dilemma, attempted to detangle it. The little simian was unable to free the crow, but kept at his efforts to rescue the crow with all grit and determination. The monkey managed finally to rescue the crow, but the bird again got entangled in another piece of the string. By this time, the fire department officers and bird lovers reached the spot to rescue the crow.
    Amidst the rising cases of inhumanity, it took a monkey to prove to the city that humanity still prevails.

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