Devotees lost 183 mobiles during Immersion

    Pali Hill
    Devotees lost 183 mobiles during Immersion
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    Mumbai - On Thursday night, immersion took place amidst tight police security across Mumbai. However, with tight security, many mobiles were stolen as well as chain snatching cases were reported. 183 cases of mobile stolen were reported in Mumbai's Lalbaug, Kalachowkie, C P Tank, Grant road & Girgaon area. Alone Kalachowkie police station registered 118 mobile stolen cases in which B A road, Bharat Mata, Yashwant Chowk were the prime areas.

    Along with this, 12 chain snatching cases took place in Kalachowkie. For now, police have arrested Anjali Naidu in respect to chain snatching cases. D B police station which comprises of Girgaon, Grant road registered 50 stolen mobiles cases while V P road police station which comprises old C P Tank & Girgaon registered 15 stolen mobile cases.

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