Ganeshotsav 2022: 5 ways to upgrade your kitchen this festive season

Here are five home appliances you can consider to elevate your home and kitchen experience.

Ganeshotsav 2022: 5 ways to upgrade your kitchen this festive season
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There is no doubt that we are spending more time within the confines of our homes than ever before and invariably that means we are rummaging the fridge every 30 minutes for a snack, experimenting with new home décor trends, and eating a LOT of homemade food! It’s a new way of life we’re living and our homes and kitchens definitely deserve a bit of upgrade this festive season. Here are five home appliances you can consider to elevate your home and kitchen experience.


Choose a Flexible 3 Door Refrigerator for efficient space management!

A daily task on an Indian fridge owner's to-do list is playing Tetris - trying to fit all the veggies, leftovers, ice-creams, groceries and what not. To solve this daily fumble, smart fridges like the Bosch’s Max Flex offer a unique third compartment that can become a fridge or freezer space depending on your need. By getting a fridge with adjustable temperature zones and intelligent sensors you can manage space and avoid food wastage like never before.


An upgraded brass burner for your upgraded needs

The hob is the central part of every Indian kitchen, cooking large, hearty meals for families to enjoy together. When innovation and engineering go into its making, a stove becomes a hearth of nourishment. Practically designed with innovative technology and convenient knobs to precisely control the intense blue flames that burn with no carbon emissions along with auto ignition and sturdy cast iron pan-support are features that set the Bosch gas hobs apart from the rest. For such family-sized portions, the upgraded burner includes three flame rings made of pure brass provide better heat distribution to ensure that your food cooks evenly.


Retain the authenticity of your masalas                                   

They say big things come in smaller packages and this is extremely true when it comes to small appliances that every kitchen needs. A kettle to make hot water for your green tea, juice extractors to make you a daily healthy drink, hand mixers, and food processors to mix and blitz food – there are a variety of small appliances to make your kitchen more efficient. The holy grail of small appliances in every Indian kitchen is the mixer grinder, especially one that can handle both dry and wet grinding while retaining the authenticity of flavours and textures such as the one from Bosch with Stone Pounding Technology.


Enjoy Smoke-free cooking

Cooking can produce a lot of heat, moisture, and smoke which can spoil the painted walls of your kitchen and leave stains high up on your ceilings. While chimneys are a great way to help solve this problem, most chimneys are not equipped the handle the intense smoke created by heavy Indian cooking such as tempering dal, deep frying puris, roasting meats, etc. What you need is a Siemens kitchen chimney that is catered to you, which turns on automatically when the hob is activated and CleanAir filters that are perfect for Indian cooking.


Maintain a sparkly clean sink

Nothing ever seems to grow faster than the pile of utensils lying in your sink. Instead of stressing over it and getting your hands in the cold water, spend your time in quickly loading your dishwasher and doing something else that you love in your newfound free time! Do not fret about your different-sized vessels and plan your day according to the house-help’s schedule. Bosch’s dishwashers come with adjustable baskets to hold the unique Indian vessels and a remote access ecosystem to connect and control your dishwasher from your phone. Smart sensors now let you directly keep your dishes in without having to pre-rinse the leftover oil and masala stains.

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