Ganesh Utsav 2019: Will this Ganpati idol get its name registered in the world records?

Tejukaya Ganpati Mandal in Lalbaug has made an idol made out of paper mesh. Not only is the idol made from biodegradable material but so is its decoration.


The Ganpati festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm all around. However, one major concern that environmentalist have with this festival is that of Visarjan. Most manals have an idol that is made of plaster of paris and are often seen competing with each other on whose idol is bigger or better

This year, Tejukaya Ganpati Mandal in Lalbaugh has thought of changing things a bit. They idol that they have will be made out of biodegradable components rather than plaster of Paris. Even for the decoration of this 22 ft idol, they will be using environment friendly products such as paper, cotton and the likes.

The idol weighs one and half tonnes and is also in the running to get its name registers in the world record for being the biggest eco-friendly idol. It remains to be seen whether it will be able to make it to that list or not but one needs appreciate the organisers for thinking of the environment first.

Every year for the Visarjan, BMC builds small ponds across the city. However, very few people end up using these. The large pandals are unable to use these ponds as they have huge idols which will not fit in these ponds. As a result, these idols end up making their way in the city where the chemicals and material used cause severe damage to fishes and other aquatic flora and fauna.

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