All new Gin & Tonics and Homegrown Infusions with the New Cocktail Menu at Toast & Tonic

In celebration of their favourite spirit Gin, Toast & Tonic has crafted a range of new G&Ts, Flavored Tonics and Cocktails


Toast & Tonic: East Village Style, international restaurant and bar (a part of the Olive group of restaurants, presents ‘The Second Edition’ – with a refreshing menu of new drinks, new food and a new chapter that embraces trends beautifully at its outpost in BKC, Mumbai.

In celebration of their favourite spirit Gin, Toast & Tonic has crafted a range of new G&Ts, Flavored Tonics and Cocktails. Chief Bartender, John Lesse, has made new additions to the bar menu focused on iterations of classic cocktails with copious splashes of Gin. Think Gin Old Fashioned and the Fizz My Gin, a Gin Fizz of tropical persuasions with Passionfruit and Apperol. In 18th century Williamsburg (England), spices like cloves, ginger and star anise were coveted for their medicinal properties and are still used in shrubs world over.

A visit to the bar at Toast & Tonic will probably lead to a bartender handpicking a shrub or flavored tonic for you. Long week? Refresher Tonic (Lemongrass and Mint) Sleep deprived? Black Star Tonic (Coffee & Start Anise). The new tonics, introduce fresher infusions that are locally grown in Mumbai’s tropical climate, with ginger, pineapple, lemongrass, cucumber and thyme.

New G&Ts include Pineapple Grove made with gin, pineapple, clove and tonic water, served with clove ice; Autumn with the warmth of ginger and thyme shrub tonic water, served with ginger & thyme sprig ice; or Grass is Always Greener with gin, lemongrass and mint tonic water, served with lemon grass ice. Some people like to linger post their meal, but don’t want all the caffeine from an espresso shot, so we created the Black Star with a choice of gin, coffee and star anise tonic water served with coffee bean ice. Think Gin cocktails – the new bar menu offers it, besides cocktails including with whiskey and vodka.

Drawing from the restaurant’s singular passion to create and own its own supply, Chirag Makwana - along with Chef Partner Manu Chandra - has together a new menu which travels the globe whilst placing biodiversity and domestic sourcing at the forefront. At Toast & Tonic, a meal is always a little more than what you might expect or imagine. A meal here is comforting, yet gastronomically curious, and the food-artisan inspired to modern food trends and palates. An open mind and some curiosity is the approach to this New Menu as there are plenty of big and bold elements to be celebrated. It is, in a way, an expression of what made the East Village, the quintessentially bohemian neighborhood of the world.