Bandra's 'Kale and Kaffé' serves a lot of goodness for the health conscious food lovers

After serving the food lovers in Andheri, the founders of Kale and Kaffé, have opened their second outlet in a Bandra with an aim to deliver the same.

Bandra's 'Kale and Kaffé' serves a lot of goodness for the health conscious food lovers

With a hectic lifestyle we lead in a city like Mumbai, it is important that we follow healthy food habits along with our exercise routine to ensure a happy life ahead. While the preferences are changing, some restaurants are also ensuring that there are food options available in the market, where we may have to eat healthy dishes but not compromise on the taste. 

Catering to the need, thereby carving their way in the market are Abhishek Chhabria, Karan Chhabria, and Aditya Wanwari - founders of Kale and Kaffé. After tasting success with an outlet in Andheri, the trio is now looking at expansion across the city. The second outlet of Kale and Kaffe is now open in Bandra. Similar to the first outlet, this too offers a variety of dishes on the menu curated and designed by nutritionist Dhriti Udeshi.  Health enthusiasts can treat themselves with offerings from the Superbowl menu, additional keto dishes, and a lot more, without having to worry about the flavours.

Talking about the reason to choose healthy food, the founders said, "We start the brand a year ago, and it has been quite some time where healthy food is becoming a preference. People prefer having other options probably once in a while, but what we serve can be eaten every day. Our portions are sufficient, light and good for health. Keto and vegan options are the new choices and it will stay for a while. When we started in Andheri, we had a lot of models and actors who were visiting. There was no healthy option available until sometime back. Today, many are diet conscious, where they want something healthy but tasty, and that's how we thought of coming up with a menu which caters to the demand." 

The only motive the founders of Kale and Kaffe have is to make sure that healthy food to the masses and not just available as a luxury. With options on the menu like Pesto and Roasted Tomato Omelette, Avocado Hummus, Aglio Olio Zoodles, Truffle Oil Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms, and lot more, food enthusiasts can rest assured about the nutrition quotient they consume.

Sharing their thought on curating the menu, they said, "With our experience, we have realised that there are some bestsellers, and the study then helps us understand what we can do with the new options in the menu. Our menu is curated with a nutritionist, who counts the macros and the value behind what we add in our dishes. People usually don't understand the portion size, and that's where they go wrong. We have focused on understanding what's enough for the body, but not compromising on the taste. Our chef use alternatives for sugar, flour and other ingredients, which are recommended during a diet or in healthy eating."

After successfully catering to the crowd in Andheri, they decided to open this new outlet in Bandra. On being asked, about this expansion and their future goals, the added, "We are raised in Bandra and the crowd here is conscious about healthy food. Moreover, the spending power on this side of the city is more than other parts of the cities. However, we have kept the menu at an affordable cost.  We are looking at South Bombay and Lower Parel as a market. I have run business with 'Ministry of Salads' sometime back. Moreover, the demand for healthy food is more. We will cater to the vegetarians and Jain crowd with a differently curated menu. After we expand here in Mumbai with 4-5 outlets, we will look at expanding to Pune, other cities in India and maybe Dubai."

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