Beware of cheap 'Mithais'

  • Beware of cheap 'Mithais'

With Diwali come sweets and snacks. Chaklis, karanjis etc are made at home but we prefer sweets from shops. When higher rates of sweets are quoted, lower rates somewhere may attract anyone. But this cheap sweet Mithai may prove harmful.

Mithai having foils from aluminum, cadmium, and chromium are cheaper as compared to silver foils. This is the reason for cheaper Mithai at some places but it may prove very costly.

Then, be aware while buying a Mithai pack. Don’t put your life at risk just to save a few bucks.

How to recognise foil adulteration?

Aluminium foil looks brighter than silver foil

Silver foils stick to the hand
Other foils break into pieces

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