'Thane Social' opens at Viviana Mall

The new outlet of Social in Thane dons a distinct design identity that’s synonymous with the ‘city of lakes’. A historic trip to the past, the outpost depicts how traditional places to chill are experienced. It’s a true embodiment of the city.

'Thane Social' opens at Viviana Mall

Riyaaz Amlani's flagship all-day cafe & bar chain 'SOCIAL' is all set to launch its 29th outpost, this time at Thane's Viviana Mall. The team has confirmed that Thane Social would launch soon and this will be  Thane's first COVID - Ready outpost. 

Amlani's team has always ensured that every outpost of Social has a different theme and it represents certain thoughts. After months of deliberation and thorough planning, the team has decided that Thane Social will pay homage to Thane's historical relevance, hyperlocal food culture, active interest in the performing arts, and the people’s unique way of living a quiet life despite the commercialisation of their surroundings.

Each element is intricately crafted to reflect Thane's rich traditions alongside the evolution of dining out in the new normal of ‘Social, with distancing’.

Housed inside Viviana Mall, local streetscapes of homes and small businesses feature in the interiors in unique ways. Drawing inspiration from the makaan-dukaan concept, SOCIAL’s now-iconic booths have been stacked on top of each other - made to look like a home above and a shop below, which is reminiscent of a typical busy Indian street. This is also very much a part of Social’s new take on space design in the post COVID era of being social with distancing. 

The vivid decor will transport you to the times browsing curiously through Jambli Naka Market or simply chilling by Masunda Lake, where communities were not just birthed but nurtured too. A section of the outpost also recreates the iconic Shri Gadkari Natya Griha, representing Thane’s deep engagement with the performing arts. Through furniture and light instalments, the vibe takes you straight inside a quintessential Marathi household.

One will also see  Thane SOCIAL dons a distinct design identity that’s synonymous with the ‘city of lakes’. A historic trip to the past, the outpost depicts how traditional places to chill are experienced. It’s a true embodiment of the continuous bench seating along the walls, representing a typical katta where communities came together to spend quality time in each other’s company. The katta represents everything Social is to a community too: a space that encourages people to come together to #eat, #drnk, #work, #play and #collaborate with each other.

Talking about the same, Sameer Balvally, Principal Architect, Studio Osmosis, who spearheaded the project, said, “Thane Social takes you back in time, immersing you in the everyday life of a Thanekar via the quintessential ‘neechey dukaan, upar makaan’ concept. We further showcase the social fabric that evolved around lake-side kattas via the seating. At the heart of it all is the theatre, where everyone can immerse themselves in the celebration of food, culture, and art. In a post COVID world, one can dine at a barber’s shop, a chai ki dukaan, or the neighbourhood tailor shop, all of which are intimate yet isolated pods represented inside the outpost. The katta seating has tables that can be rearranged while the open dining areas have flexible seating that can be separated - all initiatives that accommodate adequate social distancing.”

Over the years, Social has become synonymous with trailblazing experiences that have made it one of the most exciting F&B brands in the country. Social has been making waves with its quirky food menu right since inception, thanks to its “fun dining” fusion of Indian and Chinese dishes served up with a uniquely Social twist.

Famous for putting an experimental spin on classic dishes, going through the Social menu is no less than going on a culinary adventure. Thane is all set to get a taste of the iconic Breakfast Trays, Death Wings, Awesamosas, Black Label Butter Chicken and our legendary Biryanis, along with cocktails like Trip on the Drip, Old Smoke, Thai Maalish, and more.

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