Mumbai's Pan-Asian delivery kitchen 'Kaiyo' packs 'everything authentic'

Mumbai's Pan-Asian delivery kitchen 'Kaiyo' packs 'everything authentic'

Over the last few years, food lovers has started showing interest for a variety of new cuisines and one of them which is currently in a high demand is the love for Asian food as it offers a myriad of flavors. The Asian food in India is being served since a long time, but it has mostly been the desi-Chinese version, which many palates are now used to. However, food connoisseurs are trying their best to change the perception but serving the dishes with authenticity. On one hand there are restaurants where people can dine at ease and enjoy a meal with their loved ones, but on the other, millennials and the youth today prefer ordering food, thereby spend the time at ease, in their comfortable space.

Serving the latter but with the same emotion of presenting authentic Asian cuisine is city's finest Pan-Asian delivery kitchen, Kaiyo. Over the last few months, many Mumbaikars have been raving about the ethnic-inspired dishes delivered by city's newest entrants and as promised, the team is striving to whip up dishes with the sole motive to stay true to the origin.

The aim at Kaiyo is to only deliver unmistakable Asian food creations fit to compete with some of the highest rated restaurants in town, and in no time, they are managed to achieve this goal. Backed by years of research, options aplenty and the convenience of bringing a high-end restaurant dining experience straight to home, Kaiyo stands tall on the virtues of affordability, attention to detail and utmost care unlike any other delivery kitchens.

Talking about the concept, owner Manish Shendge said, “We are extremely excited to open the doors of Kaiyo for this glorious city to savor bona fide Pan Asian food without a hassle. We are committed towards maintaining the most superior quality standards and providing an excellent cultural extravaganza. We cannot wait for our patrons to entice their hearts and fill their stomachs to the brim with unforgettable dishes that will make them come back for more.”

Kaiyo's menu includes many most sought-after dishes for both vegetarians and meat lovers. This includes Pan fried Gyoza, Mushroom in Thai Chilli and Holy Basil, Mushroom Pot, Variety of noodles, Donburi Bowls, classic Chinese Turnip cake and Aromatic Chicken the Truffle Edamame Dumpling, the Japanese crowd favorite Chicken Katsu Don, the evergreen Red and Green Thai Curries. The menu is curated with a lot of thought keeping the preferences, interests and uniqueness in mind.

The two best aspects of Kaiyo are the quality and the quantity of food they serve. It's both delicious and sufficient for two. A number of restaurants and outlets today serve Asian cuisine in Mumbai, and the taste Kaiyo offers is quite authentic, and that is because everything on the menu is fresh and made from scratch, which includes the sauces. The menu has enough dishes to choose from and serves everybody, be it the one a starving empty stomach to the one who wants to eat something light. Moreover, health is kept as a priority without compromising on the taste - and one gets to see that through the portion size and the preparation. The ingredients used are of high quality and the choice of preparation is practised to ensure it suits differing palates.

Kaiyo is undoubtedly one of the finest Pan-Asian delivery kitchens one must try as the team is able to infuse modern sensibilities with traditional cooking methods. The team is able to serve with a flair – contemporary, fast and accessible – all in one.

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