Restaurateurs share their thoughts on the idea of Mumbai 24x7

The ruling 'Shiv Sena' government has given a green signal to Aaditya Thackeray's pet project 'Mumbai 24x7' whereby restaurants, malls, multiplexes and some areas of Mumbai will be functional all day and night.

Restaurateurs share their thoughts on the idea of Mumbai 24x7

Mumbai is often called the 'city that never sleeps' and this reference about the city has been present for many decades. While the context of this phrase was different back then, the new initiative taken by the ruling government of the state, has brought forward the literal sense, exactly what today's millennials and youth, want to perceive it to be.

The 'Mumbai 24x7 plan' has extended more opportunities to both the public and the businesses. Mumbaikars are known as hardworking people, as their lives often revolve around work and travel, leaving less time to enjoy with family and friends. This initiative of keeping some parts of the city functional all night has now given the Mumbaikars, some extra to party hard.

While the plan seems exciting and interesting, it comes with its own pros and cons, which many officials from various departments in the government has raised flags about. But this is expected to be a good move for the food and beverage hotspots in Mumbai, as they can keep the business open for more number of hours, and earn more.

We asked some popular restaurateurs from Mumbai about their thoughts on this plan and how this has or would impact the business. Here's what they said...

Hitesh Keswani (Owner of Silver Beach Hospitality - Radio Bar, Estella, Silver Beach Cafe, Copa, Sirocco, The Terrace and Jantar Mantar and Nom Nom)

Living up to its reputation as the city that never sleeps, Mumbai will now have malls, multiplexes, shops and restaurants that can stay open 24x7. Nearly after three decades this has finally come back to India & I as a restauranteur cannot be happier. Since Mumbai is a city that is active almost round-the-clock, having establishments open 24x7 is only going to benefit consumers, generate higher employment & of course business and overall trade. Having a business that runs around the clock helps individual owners like us to benefit from the incremental sales & pay off the exorbitant expenses that shadow businesses every month, besides of course having the city blaze with energy day & night. Mumbai has always been a hot favourite for tourists & now with this new initiative, I believe we will only rise higher!

Ashish Mehta (Serial Entrepreneur and Co Founder & Director of Blanco, Bombay Cocktail Bar, February 30 and Oheka)

The 24 x 7 opening of restaurants/cafes in Mumbai is a progressive move by the government. Any move that helps in increasing the business and commerce hours of any industry will help catapult the economy in the desired multi trillion dollar club. Though it’s too early to comment on pros or cons of the same as it will entirely depend on the feasibility and conversion of numbers to revenue in long run for restaurants/cafes but it is an advantage in favour of restaurant owners as now they have the liberty to decide the operational hours and broaden the revenue stream. This will positively impact the consumption pattern and also enhance the consumer experience as opening of Restaurant and cafes is unrestricted and thus accessibility at odd hours is increased.

Gaurav Shetty (Director, Gautham Hospitality)

Mumbai, often considered as the city that never sleeps will now have more of a reason to stay up now with the new legislation passed in Mumbai city on 24 x 7 eateries. This will only add to the cities liveliness and give people a chance to explore and enjoy new places in the city post work on their own time. This is a good move by the government as it will create more jobs in the industry and help us to curate more experiences around food that were limited to the 1:30 am deadline posed earlier.  As a restauranteur, I am more than excited to welcome this change in terms of hospitality as it will broaden the consumer experience and allow us to decide what kind of services we want to provide our customers. I also believe this will give us more space to curate events and concepts that will add to the vibrancy of this city and give us more leeway to work on new verticles that were previously limited due to time restrictions.

Pawan Shahri (Entrepreneur)

Recently the long-pending proposal to keep the restaurants & malls operational  24/7  open was finally given a go-ahead! Mumbai being the financial capital of India and also the nightlife hub was falling short of delivering a quality experience to locals as well as the tourists. As a restaurant owner and concept innovator within the nightlife space, I personally feel that this move will have multi-fold benefits to the city as it would be a massive drive for increased employment and a great aggregator for new concepts and promote tourism heavily in the city. The rule gives a new spark to the otherwise slow economy and will prove to be a great motivator for everyone who's willing to explore new verticles and extended business activities within the hospitality sector. This announcement also puts forward the business pro government model and is being recognized very positively by the industry. Specific areas that fall into the service category of this law will see major growth in the coming few months and we're looking forward to this being a stepping stone towards even more business-friendly propositions by the government!

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