Freakshake — How A Monstrous Fusion Of Milkshake And Everything Sweet Came Into Being

Patissez, an Australian bistro, was the first one to create a freakshake and in the last 3 years, the trend has caught on across the globe and Mumbai has seen freakshakes floating around for a while now.

Freakshake — How A Monstrous Fusion Of Milkshake And Everything Sweet Came Into Being

When you think about going overboard with a non-alcoholic beverage or a drink, a concept called 'Freakshake' has come into existence and Mumbai has seen this doing the rounds for a while now. But where did this outrageous mashup come from and what goes behind making a "Freakshake"? 

What Is A Freakshake?

An overindulgent drink which originated in Australia has it all. Right from your basic milkshake, to cream, topped with cake, topped with sauce, with a handful of sweets thrown in for good measure – this becomes a monstrous mash-up of a drink and dessert.

Origin Of 'Freakshakes'

About 3 years ago, in 2015, Patissez Cafe in Canberra, Australia launched this monster drink and today, Europe, USA, Asia, this over-the-top drink has been fulfilling people having a sweet tooth.

What Goes Into Making One?

They're usually served in mason jar mugs which are filled with milkshake and piled up with treats which look as visually appealing as possible – because, while they should taste good before the first bite is taken, social media has a big say. Instagram - which is a primary platform for these masterpieces to be showcased on, Snapchat and Facebook are in the mix as well.

The rim of the mug is usually decorated with chocolate ganache and what goes in next screams only one thing- CALORIES! On an average, one mug of a freakshake has 1500 calories. The most common ingredients include cold-brewed coffee, espresso, chocolate milk, ice creams, syrups, sauces (such chocolate, liquorice or caramel), milk, coconut milk, condensed milk, cookies, sweets and much more! There's no limit to what you can add to a freakshake.

The idea with freakshakes is to pile up as much of everything a possible. But the real question is, do people enjoy it as much as a normal milkshake? Or is it just a visual attraction to make your social media profile look colourful, fancy, and tempting (on the outside).

I'm sure kids love the look of it as it's got everything a kid would ever want!

If you haven't tried a freakshake in Mumbai yet, we have a list of 10 places in the city where you can give this overloaded drink a chance and decide for yourself if you prefer the old school milkshake or this new age "Freakshake". Also, one challenge, finish the drink without taking a single picture and posting on social media. Enjoy the weekend!

Places Which Serve The Best Freakshakes in Mumbai

1) Coffee By Di Bella
2) D:OH
3) Dinshaw’s Xpress Café
4) Icekraft
5) 145, Bandra/ Kala Ghoda
6) Spesso Gourmet Kitchen
7) Tea Villa Café
8) The Rolling Pin
9) The Chocolate Heaven
10) Hoppipola

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