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Pizza Express launches wholesome and good-spirited 'Good Mood Food' Menu

With an aim to serve healthier options of Pizza, Pasta and other popular dishes, Pizza Express brings the 'Good Mood Food' menu, which offers alternatives made using light ingredients and quality produce

Pizza Express launches wholesome and good-spirited 'Good Mood Food' Menu

With an increasing demand for healthy yet delicious food, restaurants have been forced to address the demands and cater to the needs, in order to offer a different approach to the existing menu. Some food is categorically called 'junk' by fitness enthusiasts, and a 'pizza' becomes a no-no for many. But where there is a will, there is a way..!

Finding a solution to this, thereby offering both quality and taste with healthier options is PizzaExpress, which as per the recent development has decided to offer an exclusive menu which would leave fitness lovers smiling. Titled the 'Good Mood Food' menu, this curated list of dishes have been chosen to make one feel-good and up-lifted thereby add to the pizza-indulging experience.

With this menu being launched, PizzaExpress hereby becomes the 1st International pizza brand to bring the global trend of healthier and greener dining into mainstream focus. Besides meat lovers, this menu is also aimed at offering a variety of options for vegetarians and vegans, where the alternatives are mindfully sourced and the dishes are made with the produce of high quality.

The 'Good Mood Food' menu ensures the use of light ingredients such as whole-wheat, berries, quinoa, avocado, spinach, and a lot more, and it delivers absolutely as promised. The menu includes the popular signature like dough balls and rosemary bread, but the same has been made using healthier options like whole-wheat and is served along with alternative healthier dips and sides like tofu dip and guacamole. For the ones who are skeptical about the other offerings and in love with the veggies, one can choose from a range of salads topped with several dressing options too.

 But the best part of the menu is for the pizza and pasta lovers where one is forced not to compromise on the diet. The variants made with whole wheat and with vegetarian options is exactly what people focusing on calorie count would look out for. Meat protein lovers can choose to add chicken or prawns to the pizza, thereby making it their own variant. But the best on the menu and our recommendation would be the classic Pizza Romano where you will certainly not feel disappointed. Other pizza options on the menu include toppings like chargrilled paneer, asparagus, broccoli, and others.

Having a meal without a drink is incomplete, and to ensure that you satisfy your thirst, the menu also offers delicious, healthy and wholesome beverages with four options. But our favourites were Blueberry and Kefir smoothie and the Kombucha & Tea with cold-pressed pomegranate juice, ginger, and honey. Further, whilst indulging in the 'Good Mood Food' experience, one should ensure that there is a place left for the final course, Raspberry Sorbet.

The whole campaign is devoted to creating an authentic experience focused on happiness. It is not only a healthier and greener concept but also fun and lively at the same time. 

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