This Psychedelic-Themed Restaurant In Thane Lets You BYOB!

Shiva Forest Multi Themed Restaurant, located in Thane, has a special, vibrant feel to it, and guess what! you can bring your own booze without paying exorbitant bar rates!

This Psychedelic-Themed Restaurant In Thane Lets You BYOB!

Shiva Forest Multi Themed Restaurant is located in Thane and has a unique, vibrant feel about it. The best part is, you can BYOB and binge on delicious food! No more spending exorbitant amount of money on alcohol at bars and clubs, you can just get your own alcohol (you have to buy your mixers from them) and enjoy a nice evening with your squad.

This place is just ten minutes from The Upvan Lake, Thane.

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Shiva Forest Restaurant has a special, trippy ambience which might be a little weird for people who aren't used to the whole psychedelic vibe, but it will surely make you feel comfortable once you're with your squad, eating some kebabs, and sipping on your favourite drink!

They offer cuisines like Asian, Chinese, Continental, Indian, Finger Food, North Indian and Italian.

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Average Cost: ₹500 for two people (approx)

Location: Yeoor Hills, Upvan, Thane West