Stranger Things Takes Over At Khar Social With Demogorgons and the 'Upside Down'

As Netflix original 'Stranger Things' is now streaming, and Mumbai's popular cafe/bar Khar Social has a special gift for all those 'upside down' fans

Stranger Things Takes Over At Khar Social With Demogorgons and the 'Upside Down'

It’s binge-watching weather, and Stranger Things - American web series on Netflix - has been widely discussed everywhere around and as the show's season 3 has caused much stir, the Stranger Things world of monsters, superpowers, and magic is taking over.

Recreating the classic 80’s science-fiction movie genre, this viral web-series has a big fandom that can now get to experience the show beyond the screen.

Social has always had fun with its food and drinks menu, but a special Stranger Menu is about to take it to a whole new level with combinations and flavors one would only otherwise be treated to in The Upside Down. From Ghee Roast Doughnuts and Kebab Paella to Mirchi Ka Halwa, the Stranger menu is accompanied by a Mind Flayer LLIIT and a Demogorgorita cocktail.


Stepping into Khar Social will be like entering a portal that takes guests straight to an alternate reality that Hawkins exists in. With an overall creepy 80’s horror movie theme, the space as you know it will have a complete strange makeover, right from installation of Joyce’s wall of lights, to gravity-defying furniture, a photo-booth and more. Last, but not least, DJ Russel will be performing a special set inspired by the show on the 13th of July.

Enter the world of Demogorgon, evil scientists and kids with superpowers at Khar Social where the menu and decor are getting freaky and a whole lotta fun. This upcoming collaboration is unmissable for fans of the show, and also for anyone thinking about starting a binge. 

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