Know more about Hepatitis on 'World Hepatitis Day'

Know more about Hepatitis on 'World Hepatitis Day'
Know more about Hepatitis on 'World Hepatitis Day'
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Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), today, on the World Hepatitis Day, declared that Mumbai has 128 patients suffering from Hepatitis A and E. Hepatitis is caused by viral infections which cause an inflammation of the liver. There are 5 types of hepatitis viruses, i.e. A, B, C, D, and E. Among these, Hepatitis B and C pose a great threat. According to doctors, these viruses exist in groups. So, if a person is carrying a 'type A' disease then there are chances that he might carry 'type E' and same is with type B and D.

Cause of these viruses

Type A and E are food borne and waterborne. This usually happens due to poor hygiene practices and contaminated food and water.

Type B occurs due to unsafe needle and syringe, exchange of body fluids and contaminated blood, unprotected sex etc.

With effective vaccines, Hepatitis B can be managed but there is no preventable vaccine for Hepatitis C. When a person is affected by Hepatitis he is at higher risk of developing fatal liver diseases like Liver Cirrhosis and Carcinoma.

Residents should take good care of them. Hepatitis A and E mostly affects pregnant woman and children,” Dr. Padmaja Keskar, Executive Health Officer, BMC.

Hepatitis death rates in last three years

It is a viral infection which causes inflammation in the liver. There are types of this disease and i.e. Hepatitis A, B and C. The main reason for Hepatitis A is contaminated food or water.

Symptoms of Hepatitis

1.Feeling lethargic and tiredness
2. Cold and flu
3. Dark urine and/or pale stool
4. Loss of appetite
5. Yellow skin and eyes which may be signs of jaundice

Worldwide around 71 million people are suffering from Hepatitis C. If this is not cured on time then it can cause Cirrhosis and liver cancer. There are antiviral medicines which help in combating these diseases but the results vary from person to person. However, there is no vaccine on Hepatitis C. The investigation is going on. 

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